Bread & Butter Barcelona

3 Days in fishland – part of January’s whirlwind tour. B&B was good, big fashion meet-up. 15% good! met up with some good company’s! – 85% crap, everyone following each others styles and colours. Oh well such is the up its own arse world of fashion. 😀

The 2008 Website!

Well the website is up and running at half speed – still needs a load of work but the basics are there! Shop will be launched in Febuary when we get back from breadandbutter Barcelona and our Germany, Holland and Belgium shop visit trip. Collective pages are still under development. Loads more info, links, photos […]

Setup Industries New News & Blog

Well here it is. Hopefully will be full of the weird and wonderful, interesting stories from strange people and some news and stuff about new clothes, designs and the collective.Some updates soon! Ciao